I’ m delighted with the frame you have so beautifully concocted for my painting.  It is a fine piece of craftsmanship and I will certainly recommend you to anyone –  I knew that using these two frames would not be straightforward but you are clearly not fazed by a challenge.  It has very strong childhood memories I’m very pleased to have it back  –  it came from my grandmother’s Italian collection.  (I think I said it had been in my sister’s possession for many years and had travelled with her to Australia and back !)  Thank you again. Yrs Diana

Mike and I are absolutely thrilled with the brilliant work you have done on our painting.  It has totally transformed it, livened it up and it just looks better than we could have expected.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and advice.  I’m glad that you had fun doing it, too! – Jane Wickstead, March 2019

We’ve just got back to the village and unwrapped the picture; the sun’s out and we have a southerly aspect, so the room is bright. The painting looks superb. The frame and mount are perfect. We love it. Although we intend to hang it in a room on the other side of the house, out of direct sunlight, it will continue to look superb. Thank you for your work, care and expertise. – James Davies, January 2017


I really enjoy the framing service. They want to make sure that you’re absolutely happy with your frame. It may take longer to have your frame completed here, however, each frame is custom down to the colour and and effects. They showed me the frame before it was constructed so we could make changes and even told me that some changes could be made after I hung it on my wall. I’ve used them twice and I’m sure I’ll go back again. – Mark Tanguay, September 2016

Fairhurst has done an excellent job in restoring some of my most cherished pictures for a very fair price. They also have a great bespoke framing service that I mean to use. Lovely people to deal with! – Austin Haines, February 2016

If you have not already discovered The Fairhurst Gallery, then do seek it out either for its exceptional framing service or for its regular exhibitions. In either instance, you may be assured of a completely professional experience combined with a genuinely warm welcome. In the short time in which we have lived in Norwich it has become one of our favourite places to visit and one in which there is always something new and of interest. – Lance Hattatt, December 2015

I love these people! They have patiently, tastefully and skillfully restored my late father’s largest painting to its former glory. I couldn’t be happier. – Joe Sharp, August 2015

Fantastic gallery experience. Always quality exhibitions! – Flik Hemmant, July 2015

Just dropped by Fairhurst as I do when I am in Norwich and was pleased to see that the gallery has been completely transformed and given a new lease of life by the relatively new (young) owners, Tom and Dulcie.

But that’s only one reason for this review. The other is that they have a very fine exhibition on at present by a contemporary artist, John Midgley. The works are refreshing, beautifully painted and IMHO, very conservatively priced.

If you are visiting Norwich, do pop into Fairhurst. Its friendly, cosy and you never know what you’ll see there. – Trip Advisor review, May 2015

Some great stuff in there…well worth a look. – Todd Henderson, April 2015

I love the place so much I popped in almost every day for over a decade! – Rhys Lewis, January 2015

A hidden gem with unusual local artists and framing to boot! Stumbled upon this gallery and will certainly now pay it a visit regularly! – Em Kuntze, December 2014