Latest collaboration with ‘Woolf and Social’….

Keron Beattie’s Award Winning Sculptures now on Exhibition in Norwich Restaurant

The Fairhurst Gallery is thrilled to be collaborating with Woolf and Social. The exhibitions will showcase artists we work closely with, supporting their practice and regularly re-hanging the display to reflect the changing seasons and menus. This Summer we are exhibiting the work of Keron Beattie and Harry Cory Wright.

Artist Keron Beattie was awarded the Fairhurst MA prize when he graduated, with Distinction, from Norwich University of the Arts in 2018. He has also been shortlisted for the Bishops Art Prize and featured in FBA Futures ’19 at the Mall Galleries, London and the Sir John Hurt Art Prize during the Holt Festival 2019.

My work is concerned with fragmentation, remaking and wholeness and the potential of materials to change or transform. I prefer to use found and recycled objects and these are generally worked by hand using traditional tools and techniques.  The slower process of hand working encourages a way of seeing and then re-seeing the materials and allows new ideas and forms to emerge in a reflective dialogue with the materials. (Keron Beattie)

Inspired by the traditional idea of a social club and providing the city with a new eating experience, the restaurant ‘Woolf and Social’ is the brainchild of entrepreneur Felix Rehberg and chef Francis Woolf. The food on offer is all about sharing, with a seasonal small plates menu showcasing Francis’ background in both street food and fine dining. Everything about Woolf & Social is artisan, from the decor – designed by Atelier Grove, to the wine list – by Rupert Taylor, and of course the food – innovative, intelligent cooking.

To visit the exhibition and enjoy the incredible food make a reservation at:

All the works on show are available for sale. Upon purchase each sculpture is provided with an acrylic display case and a wooden base.

For more information please contact: