Fairhurst Prize Awarded to MA Student at NUA

Janine Everitt winner of prize for her evocative degree show installation

We were delighted to award Janine Everitt this years MA Fairhurst Prize she receives £300 and a years discount on framing at the Fairhurst workshop. We loved her multidisciplinary approach, reflecting experimentation through sculpture, photography and printmaking. Janine’s work sets out to look at the human condition surrounding notions of home. We look forward to supporting her continued art practice.

2019.11.09 - NUA Award (Web Res)-2

Prize giving: (from left to right) Dulcie Humphrey Director of the Fairhurst Gallery, Janine Everitt MA, Neil Powell Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

My work sets out to look at the human condition surrounding notions of home. How it can at once be a place of safety and belonging as well as a site of alienation.

Material and imaginative geographies of home are both multiple and ambiguous, revealing attachments to more than one place, shaped by memories as well as everyday life in the present. Home as a sense of belonging  is a key characteristic both historically and in the contemporary world through geopolitical displacement and globalisation.

A mixture of ethnographic research and first hand interviews in local communities provides me with a departure point into the precariousness of human dwelling, highlighting potential relations between space, scale, identity and power. Bringing into focus the home as located and bound, versus one which involves a more mobile often deterritorialized geography.

I often embrace the Surrealist preoccupation with the object, in this case, the home, by placing it outside the field of its own power. I try to create imagery which suggests new ways of seeing and challenges preconceived ideas.

I use a multidisciplinary approach which reflects experimentation through sculpture, photography and printmaking. Arriving at outcomes which aim to disrupt and bring about a re-orientation of thought and experience.

About Janine:

Janine spent a large part of her life living and working in Europe, the Far East, the Americas and the Indian Sub-Continent which allowed her to gain a unique insight into how home and belonging is perceived in different cultures. Group exhibitions include: The Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC, Nunns Yard Gallery, Norwich, Millenium Library, Norwich.


Instagram: @janine_everitt