Summer Salon

Oliver Bedeman, Alex Egan, Nina Mae Fowler, Máté Orr, James Webster

Curated by Helena Davidson-Houston

5th – 28th July 2018


Summer Salon brings together five popular artists who have previously exhibited at the Fairhurst Gallery: Oliver Bedeman, Alex Egan, Nina Mae Fowler, Máté Orr and James Webster. Featuring over thirty works, the show represents a culmination of three years in which the gallery has showcased a variety of established and emerging contemporary artists, based both locally and internationally.

Focusing on artists we have showcased in the past and continue to champion, Summer Salon, is a mixed exhibition featuring artists whose work encourages formal and informal discussions surrounding contemporary art themes, many relating back to, and taking inspiration from, old masters. Inspired by the great French Salon exhibitions of the past, this show enables a group of diverse artists to exhibit their work in fascinating dialogue, exploring their respective subject matter through technically accomplished methods which employ a wide range of mediums. The artists in this exhibition are not only linked by their relationship to the Fairhurst Gallery but also by their depiction of the figurative – exploring, through painting and sculpture, boundaries such as those between the familiar and unfamiliar, reality and fiction.

This show has been guest-curated by Helena Davidson-Houston, a recent History of Art graduate from the University of East Anglia, who is soon to embark on an MA in Curating at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.

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