A collaborative exhibition with BA Fine Art students from Norwich University of the Arts

11th May – 19th May 2018

The Fairhurst Gallery is proud to be supporting the second year, Fine Art BA students at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA).

As student artists, exhibiting work, even in it’s experimental stages, is a vital part of the learning process. So too, is the experience of mounting an exhibition and all that is involved, from conception to opening the doors to the viewing public. It is our hope at The Fairhurst that by giving the students the gallery space for a week along with support and advice in the lead up to the show we can help to generate positive feedback and critical conversation about their work.

In February this year all the students were given the opportunity to apply for one of three positions; curator, publicist or exhibiting artist.

Interim Gallery Director, Nina Fowler, worked alongside Craig Barber (Senior Lecturer: Fine Art, painting at NUA) to select curator, Sophie Banks and publicists Tessa Fox and Oliver Saunders.

Sophie has conceived, planned and organised the exhibition, whilst Tessa and Oliver have carried out the design work, documentation and marketing – they will be taking over our social media accounts on 8/9th May.

“There is an ambiguity to the collection of artworks selected for this display. Each artist, though conceptual notions are different, aims to provoke the viewer, whether it’s curiosity, shock, sexual excitement, anger or keeping them in the dark – what you see the first time might not be what you see the second.” Sophie Banks, curator.

The artists included are: Clementine Brown, Rosie Green, Chloe Hawes, Charlotte Hayden, John Mallett, Emilia Symis, Saskia Van Woerkom and Iyesha Walker.

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