New Ground

Susan Gunn

14th October – 30th November 2016

The Fairhurst are delighted to showcase New Ground, a new body of work from Susan Gunn created during a residency in Greater Manchester in association with Castlefield New Art Spaces.

‘Susan’s work is an absolutely wonderful example of how incredibly complex simple things can be and also how incredibly simple complexity can be…’ – Nicola Johnson OBE, Terra Memoria Commission Opening UEA (2015)

Susan Gunn belongs to a generation of British artists who continue to explore the possibilities of paint on canvas. She uses the language of the monochrome, an established format of abstract painting since the 1960s. Using natural earth pigment and organic waxes, her paintings play on processes referencing, but not wholly governed by, the rules of abstraction, reflexive and process art.

Susan Gunn’s paintings explore and develop the medium of gesso. The medium is unusually resilient and fragile and is used in an innovative way as the subject of the painting itself.

Gunn’s paintings are created through a process of layering, drying and rubbing away the surface, predominantly allowing the fissures to form naturally and, occasionally, removing and breaking the canvas manually before the act of re-stretching, embalming and repairing the the surface of a work to ensure its stability.
Gunn’s abstract paintings reveal a sculptural physicality that reflect an interest in the fragility of their existence.