Back to My Roots

Alex Egan

9th September – 6th October 2016


Alex Egan previously trained as a dancer; the human form in movement has been creeping in and out of her working practice over many years. It became a prominent subject when she was recently given the opportunity to do a residency with a dance school, studying the figure in motion during ballet and contemporary classes. This, interlaced with her deep connection with trees and the parallel this presents to capturing the human form, is the main focus of this current collection of work. To Alex, the stillness of trees, the method of drawing them from life and being able to have the time to study them in minute detail, is the polar opposite to scribbling the movements of the dancers within their space. To combine these two different energies into one space is her objective.

‘The expressiveness of physical forms in motion, contortion, emotion and beautiful twists. I find it very difficult to capture any of these but I cannot resist the urge to try. The fleeting moments when I feel I do, make the constant struggle completely worth it.’ – Alex Egan

‘I used to think that I ended with my skin, that everything within the skin was me and everything outside the skin was not.’ – from ‘World as Lover, World as Self’ Joanna Macy