After Dürer

Ann-Marie James

29th May – 23rd June 2018

The Fairhurst Gallery is proud to present ‘After Dürer’ and exhibition of ink drawings by Suffolk-based artist Ann-Marie James. After Dürer will consist of a number of James’ black and white drawings, influenced by classical works of art and further built on by the artist’s own responses to these works and elements within them. The exhibition owes its origins to a pair of woodblock prints by Albrecht Dürer, who was a prominent figure in the German Renaissance. Drawing from works within art history, James develops and transforms complex, intricate designs of classical artworks into innovative and decorative abstract pieces through the layering of materials such as printing, drawing and painting. The final results are a visual mutation of Renaissance art, giving the original artworks a new life within the contemporary art world.

“I am interested in the way in which found images of works from antiquity and art history might be used to investigate my own responses to individual works, their themes and origins. Through repetition, obfuscation, abstraction and the exploration of material process, source imagery is re-concontextualised and transformed to produce new hybrids.” Ann-Marie James, 2018.

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