In League with the Moon

An exhibition of sculpture, painting and print from Gus Farnes and Amanda Edgcombe




In League with the Moon takes its title from Roger Deakin’s text Water Log, wherein he highlights the significance and replenishing qualities of wild swimming from his experiences swimming across the British Isles, beginning his journey in Suffolk. “Nevertheless I felt that the whirlpool, in league with the moon and being itself at every tide, could likewise renew the swimmer bold enough to seize the moment and cross it in a moment of repose.” Significantly the artists on show, Gus Farnes and Amanda Edgcombe are both Suffolk based creatives who take inspiration from their surroundings and the natural waters of the rural landscapes. 

Gus Farnes weaves materials he gathers from the Suffolk marshlands with wax to create figurative sculptures which explore both the rawness and serenity of the human condition, navigating the beauty in the neglected, before creating bronze casts to solidify and capture the tactile shapes and natural veins of the grass in the forms. 

Amanda Edgcombe takes inspiration from living and working within rural surroundings. The boundaries between her art practice and work as an interior designer and landscaper become hazed; maps, land plots and field borders denote the spatial relationships between the shapes, marks and layers of her abstract pieces, which hold fluid and atmospheric qualities in the capturing of colours and reflections created by sunlight upon the water. 

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