Yusuf Keten



My canvases come from somewhere deep inside me. I feel so in tune with the works I create

Born and raised in Turkey, Keten is a self-taught artist, based in Norfolk since 2002. With a background in mechanical engineering Keten is primarily interested in the way abstract forms interact with each other, exploring shape and colour to depict the images he sees in his minds eye.

The paintings are built up in layer upon layer of acrylic on canvas, inspired by nature, memory and emotion. This can be seen in the journey of the paintings, which “travel, adapt and change so many times” until the result is overwhelming satisfying to both Keten and his audience. By manipulating line, shape and form Keten creates abstract forms which are detached from reality through a deeply organic and imaginative process.

Keten has exhibited in group and solo shows with the Norwich 20 group over the past few years, as well as exhibiting a solo show with us at the Fairhurst gallery; ‘Enigma’ (2020)

Prices range between: £210 – £900

For sales enquiries or a full catalogue of available works please email: enquiries@fairhurstgallery.co.uk