Ruth Bunnewell


“Memories and emotions that become attached to places lead me to the landscapes that I choose to paint. Atmosphere and ‘stories’ connected to the landscapes are as important as the aesthetics. I view landscapes almost as backdrops to the events that may happen within. My aim is to capture the essence of a place, reducing the ‘unnecessary’ detail in favour of capturing the feel and fundamental quiddity of each landscape. I am drawn to trees within landscapes; in particular the duality between their natural beauty and their darker side, as to be found in many fairy tales…this contrast continues to fascinate me. I find woodlands and forests simultaneously beautiful and uncanny in equal measures, and I aim to portray in my work these two contrasting qualities.”

Ruth Bunnewell graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2004. She has since exhibited extensively in Norfolk, Suffolk and London, building relationships such as that with The Gallery Norfolk, where Bunnewell has been on show four times in a number of solo exhibitions as well as her work currently being showcased at Highgate Contemporary Art, London. Along with being featured in the Wall Street International in the article ‘Abstracting the Landscape’ (2015) Ruth’s work was also highlighted as “…putting a contemporary spin on traditional British landscape painting” in the June issue of House and Garden, the same year. 

Capturing a mood is central to her technique, inspired by the films of David Lynch, much of the work is underpinned by underlying geometry and subtle abstraction. Working from her own photographs she produces paintings that are studies in form, colour, texture and light, the contrast between the wide open spaces of the landscape, and the tight, dark, density of groups of trees. Bunnewell’s unique style has further given the artist success in receiving commissions which she has been working with from 2000 to present. Other ongoing engagements within Ruth’s artistic career include her role as ambassador for art students at Flegg High School. 

Prices range between: £300 – £3700

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