Polly Cruse

My practice involves sculpture and photography, employing everyday items as materials. Focusing on the everyday, and the relationships between the intangible and the material, I investigate the need for and creation of an interior haven from the outside world and the importance played by objects, gifts, memorabilia and flowers. I look to bring attention to these items by photographing common place objects arranged into ‘still life’ compositions to create images of beauty, narrative and potential humour. My sculptures are constructed from broken pieces of everyday objects and objects cast into tissue paper and wire sculptures.

Polly Cruse is a multidisciplinary artist whose works fall within the realms of sculpture, installation and photography. Since achieving an MA in Fine art from Norwich University of the Arts (2004), Cruse has gone on to exhibit widely in the U.K. as well as in France and Italy, with solo shows including ‘Captured Moments of Dreamt Freedom’, Wembly Point , Wembly (2008) and ‘Still Lives’, Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedict’s St. Norwich. (Supported by the National Lottery/Arts Council England, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council.). Cruse has also shown with us at the Fairhurst gallery; ‘Contemplations’ (2015). She has further been successful in being awarded the Best in Show in Eastern Open, Kings Lynn, Norfolk (2007) as well as being selected for a two year mentoring scheme by Commissions East, Cambridge (2005). Additionally, Polly has been featured in esteemed texts and publications such as ‘Still Lives; an Exhibition of Still Life Photography’ catalogue with introductory essay by K. Fijalkowski. 

Cruse continues to explore ways to elevate the importance and status of ephemera, gifts and memorabilia in private dwellings by constructing photographs, prints and sculptures from objects which once had a home and are now no longer perfect. Moreover, she also serves as a trustee at the St Etheldreda Artist Studio, a founding artist member of Satellite Collective, a member of Outpost and the Norwich 20 group as well as working as a gallery artist at the Greens and Blues Gallery, North Berwick, Scotland. 

For sales enquiries or a full catalogue of available works please email: enquiries@fairhurstgallery.co.uk