An exhibition of paintings by Brüer Tidman and Thomas Lamprell

13th September – 13th October 2018

This exhibition brings together two Norfolk-based artists whose works beautifully compliment one another. They are innately linked by their raw talent as painters. There is a distinctive freedom and passion for producing art that is clear throughout both Tidman and Lamprell’s works. Often using figural content in their work, they both play with the traditions of the human form by approaching it in novel ways through colour and technique.

Brüer Tidman and Tom Lamprell were born to draw and paint. Their work, from a very early age, shows amazing dexterity, confidence and drawing skills. And their drawing skills, in turn, ground their work and give it weight and authority.

Brüer Tidman is truly a Master of his Art. He paints serious, important, meaningful and considered works, born out of solid and long experience and total control of his medium. Although his works show a synthesis of influences from painters such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Matisse, Monet – to name but a few – Brüer is in every sense a truly contemporary artist embracing new methods and subjects. He paints about current events ranging from the horror of war to refugees, from death to beauty and even the songs of Leonard Cohen. In this respect, he challenges the viewer head-on, forcing and captivating you to look again and often – to explore every narrative, character and scene. His paintings, large and small, are monumental, enduring, intriguing and awe inspiring.

Tom Lamprell is a gifted young artist, who can draw and paint instinctively and beautifully. His work can be fast, fluent and furious or slow, detailed and considered. His portraits, for example, range from a precise, accurate study of the sitter, to abstracted, sometimes dark forms with a restricted palette. His paintings of Norfolk landscapes, woods and figures are just as varied. Tom often paints en plein air, enabling him to capture the immediacy of the moment. Like Brüer, he is a painter of light and colour capturing his narrative the way he wants it and wanting you to share it. These works can be mercurial and capricious or sensuous, serious and passionate. Fearless of techniques or norms, Tidman and Lamprell both push boundaries and defy many conventions.

With both artists, here are all the elements that make substantially excellent art and create visual curiosity and addiction – edginess, discomfort, asymmetry but also beauty, colour, harmony and flow.


Written by Nina Fowler