Dual Jet Control

Harry Cory Wright

10th April – 5th May 2018


The Fairhurst Gallery presents Dual Jet Control an exhibition of drawings and paintings by renowned photographer Harry Cory Wright. The exhibition will include a selection of the artists lesser known works on paper which explore the North Norfolk salt marshes. Also on exhibition will be Cory Wright’s new screen prints and one of his large-scale landscape photographs.

Cory Wright has been drawing with increasing intensity for the last 7 years. As a counter to the multiplicity afforded by the camera the artist is now looking to explore the landscape with the minimum of gesture; pen on paper and how the application of those gestures opens the door for coincidence and abstraction, aspects unavailable through his photographic process. It is this duality of intention and chance, control and abandon that offers new and fertile ground for Cory Wright with pen and paper.

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Written by Nina Fowler